DISCREET PIECE (dusts in a beam of light), 1997
Video installation


A small room at the back of the gallery becomes the stage for a work that displays swirling,
whirling dust that continuously moves on a TV monitor. A video camera was used to provide a live feed
of dust particles, caught in the light beam of an empty slide projector, located in the same darkened
room. The images evoke such a complete world of their own, that some visitors were taken-aback upon
realising that the strange projector/camera set-up actually shot the haunting pIay of star-like objects,
in real time (...).
Rodney La Tourelle 'The Enigmatic Methods of Edith Dekyndt'
in 'Border Crossing', issue n°74, 2000 (excerpt).

In a dark room, a slide projector with an empty slide makes a rectangular projection on the wall.
A videocamera is placed in the course of the light-beam, filming dust in the air.
The videocamera is connected to a videoprojector, and projects the images , live, at a large scale in the
room or in another room.